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  Recueils  High Praise Volume 2 - Voix égales et piano     Ref. MA-51056

22.90 CHF   18.32 € 

chant - chant voix égales - piano - voix
Auteur - Interprète
Upper-voices choirs and piano

- A Christmas Carol [Bax, Arnold]
- A Grateful Heart [Plumstead, Mary]
- A Hymn To The Virgin [Spearing, Robert]
- A New Year Carol [Ruutel, Robert]
- A Prayer [Lloyd, Richard]
- Ave Maria [Martin, Matthew]
- Ave Verum [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] [Trant, Brian]
- Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life [Harris, Sir William Henry]
- God Be In My Head [Walford Davies, Henry]
- God Be With You Till We Meet Again [Rose, Barry] - Here I Am Lord [Schutte Daniel] [Parnell, Andrew] - Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face To Face [Rose, Barry]
- Hills Of The North [Howells, Herbert]
- How Like An Angel Came I Down [Archer, Malcolm] - How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings Fair [Thiman, Eric] - I Sing Of A Maiden [Hesford, Bryan]
- Lift Thine Eyes (Elijah) [Mendelssohn, Felix]
- Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis ´Washington´ [Hogan, David]
- Notre Pere [Tavener, John]
- Nunc Dimittis [Burgon, Geoffrey]
- Panis Angelicus [Franck, Cesar] [Geehl, Henry]
- Pie Jesu (Requiem) [Lloyd Webber, Andrew]
- Praise [Dyson, George]
- Prayer Of St Francis Of Assisi [Bliss, Arthur]
- Psalm 150 [Rose, Barry]
- The Bringer Of Life [Jackman, Andrew]
- The Lord Is My Shepherd [Schubert, Franz]
- The Preces And Responses [Abendour, John]
- The Virgin´s Slumber-song [Reger, Max] [Wright, Denis]
- Through The Day [Ridout, Alan]
- Who Can Express The Noble Acts Of The Lord? (O - Give Thanks Unto The Lord) [Wesley, Samuel Sebastian]

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